Best Song Ever: Long As I Can See the Light

I suppose everything on a days-old blog is going to be “a new series,” but I feel compelled to start by saying, hey, here’s a new series. I’m calling it Best Song Ever, whose title is an admitted rip-off of the “Best song in the world right now” segment from the short-lived radio series Bryant Park Project. (OK, it rips off a certain VH1 program, too.) Here, I’ll be raving about songs that fill me with short-term obsession – you know, those earworms that turn out to be a good thing, those tunes you find yourself replaying fifty times in one week, convinced that right here, right now, it’s the Best Song Ever.

We begin with a pinch of Creedence Clearwater Revival. It’s tough to pick a favorite CCR song, but it’s tougher still to argue with “Long As I Can See the Light,” the closing track from Cosmo’s Factory. Few songwriters did country-fried sorrow like John Fogerty; the simple, melancholy lyrics, blended with a restrained, dreamy tone (that sax solo!), make it perfect for a long drive in the moonlight.

More recently, the song was used for the closing credits of Kevin Macdonald’s 2009 thriller “State of Play.” The sequence showed the printing and shipping of a newspaper – a ritual whose dwindling existence is one of the major themes of the film.

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