Popcornworld 2.0

So I’ve been making a movie. Which is a cliché, but, hey, what’re you gonna do.

All of this filmmaking has stolen large chunks of my time, leaving little left to upkeep this site. When I started Popcornworld, I assumed it would be a reviews/features-only sort of place that could grow over the years. It was a lousy decision – so shortly after starting it, I found my efforts were required elsewhere. I had no time to create the sort of material for which this site was built.

I still get the itch to write every now and then, though, even if I don’t have the energy to turn that itch into full-length reviews and articles. Facebook and Twitter are fine for getting out snappy one-liners, but what if I have more?

Which brings me to: I’m giving Popcornworld an overhaul. It’ll be a place for me to ramble more casually, outside the confines of a formal article setting. Gone are all the categories – all posts, long or short, will be in the same boat. Instead of a review collection posted via blog software, it’ll be, more or less, an actual blog.

Also, I’ll be keeping track of everything I watch – and I mean everything – for reasons that will likely be of interest only to myself. But I need a place to post such a list, and here’s as good a place as any.

Old posts will remain as-is on this site (minus the category tags). I’m too lazy to go back and redo them all. But from today on, it’s the new randomness. Welcome to Popcornworld 2.0.

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