Nifty Halloween YouTube Thing: Audrey II

A confession: When it comes to Little Shop of Horrors (the groovy 1986 musical, that is, not the obnoxious Roger Corman version), I prefer the theatrical ending over the original, unreleased “everybody dies” ending. This is, of course, sacrilege; test audiences and reshoots are for chumps, right? Except, well, for all the movie’s darkness, we also want to root for Seymour and Audrey. When both get offed in the original ending, the fun evaporates. It’s a good lesson in dark comedy, discovering where the lines of dark comedy can be drawn, just how many characters can be killed off while still making us grin.

On the other hand, the unreleased ending does contain several nice touches, including an emotional send-off for Audrey, a killer showcase for Chiffon, Ronette, and Crystal singing “Don’t Feed the Plants,” and a scene of Audrey II invading New York that makes for a clever homage to the monster movie genre.

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