Nifty Christmas YouTube Thing: Obligatory Chanukah Post

You know how it goes: every year, right in the middle of all the Christmas nonsense, along come a handful of other holidays. You know, the second reason it’s actually OK to tell someone “happy holidays.” (The first reason: because it’s always fun to watch the staff at Fox News get all flustery and purple.) Sadly, no Kwanzaa/Solstice/Festivus/Boxing Day songs have permeated pop culture yet; instead we go with that trusty holiday second banana, Chanukah! Or Hanukkah, if you prefer the less phlegmy spelling. (Side note: Yeah, I probably should’ve posted this yesterday, the first day of Chanukah, but I flaked. But, hey, the up side to an eight-day holiday is, I get a wide berth in terms of fudging it.) Anyway. Because I am lazy, I went with the first Chanukah song all of us think of:

P.S.: Ever wonder what do Jews do on Christmas? Robert Smigel and Darlene Love can explain it to you.

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