Ric Olié, Exposition Pilot

To celebrate the 3D re-release of The Phantom Menace, I give you every single word spoken in the film by ace pilot Ric Olié, or as I call him, Exposition Pilot. Read on and you’ll see why.

Ric Olié, Exposition Pilot

“Our communications are still jammed!”

“There’s the blockade.”

“Shield generator’s been hit!”

“Power’s back! That little droid did it. He bypassed the main power drive. Deflector shield up, at maximum.”

“There’s not enough power to get us to Coruscant. The hyperdrive is leaking.”

“That’s it. Tatooine.”

“Coruscant. The capital of the Republic. The entire planet is one big city.”

“There’s Chancellor Valorum’s shuttle. And look over there. Senator Palpatine is waiting for us. ”

“Those are the forward stabilizers.”

“You catch on pretty quick.”

“I have one battleship on my scope.”

“Enemy fighters straight ahead!”

“Their deflector shield is too strong.”

“We didn’t hit it.”

Well said, Ric Olié. Well said.

Ric Olié and his Male Pattern Awesomeness

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