Nifty Halloween YouTube Thing: Edison’s Frankenstein

No, Thomas Edison did not reanimate the dead. I’m talking about Frankenstein the silent film, produced in 1910 by Edison Studios.

I’m kicking off this year’s Nifty Halloween YouTube Thing series* with a piece of horror movie history that’s more fascinating than frightening. The supernatural and the horrific are dialed way, way down here, but we get some pretty darn cool theatrical and early cinematic trickery, most notably in the monster’s creation and the finale, which adds a pinch of psychological WTFery to the mix.

Presented here is one of the many semi-restored versions of the film available online, with title cards replaced for greater legibility but with the original tinting intact.

*(I’ll also try to find some nifty Hulu and Netflix things, too… among some other surprises. Stay tuned!)

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