Nifty Halloween YouTube Thing: Vincent Price’s Variety Vault

What’s better than Vincent Price? Bill Hader as Vincent Price!*

Four of the five “Variety Vault” sketches, starring Hader as Price, are available online from Hulu – in order, here, here, here, and here. (Curiously, the second “Variety Vault,” from 2006, has yet to land online via Hulu, NBC, or even YouTube. Best I could find is on Netflix, which has an edited version of the Matt Dillon-hosted episode available via their Watch Instantly service.)

Since Hulu remains unembeddable on WordPress-y blogs, here’s a YouTube clip of Bill Hader impersonating a tauntaun:

*(Actually, Vincent Price and Bill Hader-as-Vincent Price rank about the same in terms of things that are good. So it’s a draw. But still!)

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