Nifty Halloween YouTube Thing: The Night America Trembled

Speaking of Mercury Theatre and their “War of the Worlds,” here’s a Studio One episode from 1957.

“The Night America Trembled” tells the story of Orson Welles’ production and the chaos it created, and features Edward R. Murrow, his cigarettes, and a pile of familiar faces in early screen appearances. (Hey! James Coburn!) It also takes some dramatic license, completely ignoring the second half of the original radio broadcast, but it also presents a remarkably faithful recreation of the first half.

It’s also plenty nifty (yes, nifty, hence the series title) to see old timey live television pay such loving tribute to old timey live radio.

Bonus! The similarly-themed 1975 TV movie The Night That Panicked America has never been released on home video in any format. Naturally, a rough recording of a 1982 rebroadcast is available on YouTube,