Nifty Halloween YouTube Thing: Tales from the Pub

As I settle in for a Larry Blamire triple feature today, today’s a good day to take a look at his 2007 webseries Tales from the Pub, which features Truphen Newben hosting the the strange goings-on at a local watering hole.

Below are three of my favorite episodes. You can check out the complete series (along with a few other Bantam Street goodies) here.

Bonus! Delve deeper into the mind of Blamire here.


2 thoughts on “Nifty Halloween YouTube Thing: Tales from the Pub

  1. Marta says:

    Hi. I am a fan of Tales from the Pub. I am also Spanish but since I lived in UK for many years, I developped a tasted for British sense of humor and other stuff. However, every year near Halloween I hang some Tales from the Pub videos that my friends cannot understand. This year I thought I could subtitled them, One thing only: I could use some help. For instance, in “The other glass” I am unable to understand what Truphen Newben says at the end: “When someone from a parallel universe sneezes, do we ….(?)

    Would be great If you could give me a hand with this.

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