Nifty Halloween YouTube Thing: Kick the Can

Do you want to see something really scary?

When I say I’m a fan of Twilight Zone: The Movie, I’m talking the whole movie, including the two segments everybody hates. Yes, that includes “Kick the Can,” Steven Spielberg’s schmaltzfest where Scatman Crothers teaches nursing home residents to be young again. It’s easy to see why Spielberg’s post-E.T., pre-Temple of Doom boy wonder optimism would grate on some viewers – especially when it’s plunked amid some truly dark material – but I always enjoyed it as a sweet tribute to Twilight Zone‘s lighter episodes.

Chicago film critic Erik Childress and filmmaker Collin Souter aren’t so friendly toward the segment, however, which brings me to this clip, a sinister joke the duo concocted last year, presented as a “lost alternate ending.” It never fails to make me giggle.

Bonus! I’m also a fan of Twilight Zone‘s little-loved mid-80s revival, which included clever yarns like “Shatterday,” which you can check it out