My Week in Skyfall: Nov. 4-10

Turns out I only watched three movies this week, and two of them were Skyfall. (The third? A View to a Kill.) So there’s no need for a weekly recap today, really, because it just boils down to this: Skyfall is tense, intelligent, exciting, and downright brilliant, a franchise entry worthy of the Craig era (which is three-for-three now). Taking its lead from the Dark Knight and Harry Potter series, Skyfall is a sort of all-star Bond, packing its roster with top names in front of and behind the camera, resulting in terrific performances and technical work across the board. The leads are phenomenal and so’s the direction (Bardem’s entrance may be one of my favorite scenes of the franchise), but let’s not forget the rest. Ralph Fiennes, in a minor role, doesn’t quite steal the show, but he damn well borrows it for a while. Then there’s Roger Deakins’ cinematography and Thomas Newman’s score, both among the best either men have ever done. (And that theme song! *melts*)

I have more to say about Skyfall and its themes, but that’ll have to wait until later in the week. Until then, I’m off to see it again.

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