My Week in Movies…

…will be taking a few weeks off. Between adjusting to a new schedule at work and falling behind on my harebrained scheme to watch all the 1962 Oscar nominees, I haven’t watched enough movies lately to justify a weekly post. (Indeed, the only non-Oscar ’62 film I saw last week was On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, which remains one of the best Bonds; its plot always feels too disjointed and unfocused in my memory, but as soon as I sit down to revisit the thing, all the pieces fit together very nicely indeed, working in rhythms that sound off on paper but are dead on in reality. It’s an editor’s movie, really, and boy, does it flow.) A series of write-ups I had planned regarding those Oscar nominees has grown a little bigger than anticipated, and I’d rather take the time on those articles than rush them out to meet some self-imposed deadline. Those will start going up, I dunno, soon-ish, then I’ll bring back the My Week in Movies series after I’m finished. So the three of you who read this can relax until then.

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