The Next Ten Star Wars Spin-Off Movies

Because a Star Wars sequel trilogy helmed (at least in part) by J.J. Abrams just isn’t enough, Disney announced this week they’ll also be making a batch of standalone spin-off films based on various characters we first met in George Lucas’ galaxy far, far away. Adventures focusing on Han Solo and Yoda are reportedly already in the works, but that’s just the beginning – here’s a sneak peek at the ten Star Wars spin-offs set to follow:

Prune Face - Image courtesy Action Figure of the Day

Prune Face Episode I: The Prune Facening: The exciting origin tale of everyone’s favorite Return of the Jedi extra. Who is he? Where did he come from? What’s with the cape? How did his face get pruned? Are other parts also pruned? Find out here!

Dex’s Diner: Ever wonder why a giant frog-man in a filthy t-shirt was running a diner in the middle of a Star Wars movie? Wonder no more! Enjoy three and a half hours of security camera footage, presented in real time, of aliens eating at what looks like a disco-themed Waffle House.

Ewok the Line: The inspiring biography of Logray, the Ewok medicine man whose rise to fame changed rock and roll forever… but devastated his relationships with family and friends. Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Anne Hathaway.

Mon Mothma 2 The Streets: The leader of the Rebel Alliance grew up learning ballet, but when she stumbles upon Admiral Ackbar’s breakdancing crew, she realizes her true calling. But what will her parents think?

Kesselball Run: Join Burt Reynolds, Jamie Farr, and Loni Anderson as they dodge cops, the mob, and the Empire on a zany cross-galaxy race! (Appearances by Roger Moore and Jackie Chan pending.)

I, Lobot: Michael Haneke directs this harrowing account of a cyborg struggling to cope with aging and loneliness. His bleak outlook on life is brightened when good friend Willrow Hood (played by Emmanuelle Riva) stops by with some ice cream.

Here Comes Nunb-er One: Nien Nunb enters a pie eating contest in order to save the local orphanage.

This Is a Movie About Ric Olié, Starring Ric Olié as Ric Olié: Join everyone’s favorite exposition pilot as he walks us through a day in his own life in this stunning meta-drama written by Charlie Kaufmann. Thrill as Olié talks about how he’s starring in a movie where he talks about starring in a movie where he talks about starring in a movie about himself.

Who’s the Bossk?: When Dengar and Zuckuss get busted with one parking ticket too many, the judge orders the sly duo to spend thirty days as nanny to Bossk, who bumped his head and thinks he’s a baby.

Tyler Perry’s Medea Goes to Kashyyyk: Self-explanatory.

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