My Week in Movies: Sept. 15-21

The Mummy (1932) and Dracula (1931) Is Freund’s The Mummy better than Browning’s Dracula? I used to be sure the answer was yes. After all, it’s leaner, meaner, and sexier, and that opening sequence is one of the best in horror history. But Dracula is no small potatoes, and my admiration for it grows with every revisit. After all, when it comes to the creeps, it’s tough to top Renfield. I might say Dracula is better at the smaller moments (those cobwebs!) while The Mummy does better with its overall story. I’ll call this a draw… for now. (Your move, Frankenstein.)

The World’s End (2013) Dozens of new movies playing in theaters, and I choose instead to revisit the only new release I’ve seen lately. It was a good call, though; I used the opportunity to introduce the film to my daughter, who loved it. And in this revisit, I started picking up on the many, many hidden moments and quiet levels of cleverness that go unnoticed on a first go. I also grew more attached to the dialogue, crisp and whip smart with a Douglas Adams vibe, but with more profanity. (The whole “pronoun” bit is poetry.) And Eddie Marsan’s monologue on being forgotten by his bully? Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Now You See Me (2013) …and I wish I never did. Full write-up here.

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