What I’ve Watched Has Moved

As you probably know, posting around here has slowed to a… well, whatever’s slower than a crawl, let’s call it that. (I was going to go with “plate tectonics,” but even that’s speedier than my output of late.) To keep this blog somewhat clean in presentation – that is to say, to keep it from getting cluttered with nothing but “What I’ve Watched” posts – I’ve moved the entire What I’ve Watched set-up to a companion blog, which I’ve cleverly named What Dave Watched. Cute, huh? This should help keep my personal OCD list-making and diary-keeping away from the random blatherings that make up the rest of this blog. Or, in other words, it’ll separate the stuff people want to read here from the stuff they don’t. The diary will still be updated on a daily basis, but it’ll be over there, not here. Sound good? Good.

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