Closing Up Shop

I suppose the headline says it all. After five years, it’s time to close the doors on Popcornworld.


This blog started as an attempt to rekindle my writing fires at a time when they were dwindling. I had been writing about movies for a decade prior, and my energy had been been waning. Perhaps if I launched another site of my own, I’d have a greater interest in getting back in the game.

At times, it worked. I’d churn out a solid rant every now and then, but never on the regular basis I originally wanted. Still, it was enough for me to want to keep this blog alive, on the off chance I got the itch for a long form ramble.

But as other projects (and, to be honest, increasing battles with bipolar disorder) began demanding more of my time, Popcornworld kept getting backburnered. I don’t see myself revisiting this place any time soon, not even with Oscar season looming, so it’s probably for the best to simply close the doors around here. (It will also help my brain, as I’ll no longer think of this blog as abandoned. It ran its course, and it now enters the “projects completed” mental bin.)

Of course, I’ll still be around, posting the occasional word shambles here when I’m not tucked away, hard at work at all these offline projects. I’m also still going strong on the Twitters, where I post at least ten fart jokes daily, guaranteed or your money back.

But for now, Popcornworld is closed. Thanks for reading.

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