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Because Why Not: My Oscar Predictions

My Oscar predictions have a history of being thoroughly, spectacularly wrong. But if that didn’t stop me before, why should it stop me now? Here are my wild guesses for how this year’s Academy Awards will play out. Disclaimer: Using this as a guide for your Oscar pool is a surefire way of losing five bucks in your Oscar pool.

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Random Facts for the Oscar Obsessed

Sure, there were a few surprises in this morning’s batch of Academy Award nominations – no Hanks! no Phoenix! no Johansson! no Lee Daniels or his Butler! not much Llewyn Davis! – but nothing to cause too much of an internet freak-out. So instead of complaints, I offer a random list of facts and figures from this year’s batch of nods.

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And Now, The Inevitable Argo Backlash

It started happening within minutes after the show ended last night: online chatter, small in places, large in others, all of it pretty much like this: “Argo won Best Picture to apologize for Ben Affleck’s snub.”

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Oscar ’62 Revisited, Part Three: The Songs

Let’s face it: 1962 was a featherweight year for movie songs. Sure, a handful of hit musicals made a splash, most notably The Music Man (for which Ray Heindorf won Best Score – Adaptation or Treatment), but in terms of original tunes, we’re looking at some very slim pickings.

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Argo: The Monkey in Oscar’s Wrench

Remember a couple weeks back, when a few key snubs in the Academy Award nominations led everybody (and by “everybody” I mean “me”) to assume the year’s Oscar race was over because Lincoln had a lock on the Best Picture trophy? Turns out, not so much.

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Oscar ’62 Revisited, Part One: The Best Pictures

The 1962 Oscars are best remembered for two things: a bitter, bizarre, and batty Best Actress tiff (more on that in a future post), and a tight Best Picture race between two cinematic giants which left the other contenders just along for the ride. That assessment is certainly understandable. Lawrence of Arabia pulled in ten nominations and won seven, including Picture and Director; To Kill a Mockingbird‘s eight nominations led to three wins, including Actor and Adapted Screenplay. Meanwhile, the other three films up for the big prize were oddities, each failing to earn nods in any of the other “top” categories (directing, acting, and writing), receiving instead mentions in just the music and technical categories1. That’s a rarity for one picture in any year, more so three at once2. These films – The Longest Day, Mutiny on the Bounty, and The Music Man – are considered populist fare whose blockbuster status carried them to the top spot in place of more deserving efforts.

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The Academy at Their WTFiest: Thoughts on the 2012 Oscar Nominations

A couple hours ago, conventional wisdom said this year’s batch of Oscar nominees would be a gimme, easily predictable, shoo-ins across the board, and that the real surprises would reveal themselves on Oscar night thanks to tight races in the big categories.

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Extremely Weird & Incredibly Unexpected: Random Reactions to the Oscar Nominations

And here we thought it was going to be a predictable year. This morning’s Oscar announcement kept enough surprises to make things interesting… or, at the very least, confusing. Here are some random knee-jerk reactions to the latest batch of Oscar nominees: Continue reading

Sorry, Kermit. Billy’s Back.

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